A Toxic Hepatitis Caused the Kombucha Tea - Case Report

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Background: Toxic hepatitis may clinically manifest as other diseases of the liver, where it must always be considered in differential diagnoses of unexplained liver damage, such as poisoning with kombucha tea. Case report: 47-year old female patient was hospitalized and has consumed daily ounces of kombucha tea. During hospitalization patient was diagnosed with toxic hepatitis and treated with intravenous solutions of hepatic protective and ursodeoxycholic-acid (effective therapy). Conclusion: Examinations showed that kombucha tea has potential to revert the CCl4-induced hepatic toxicity, but used in overdose can induce toxicity himself.

Keywords: kombucha tea, toxic hepatitis, diagnoses, therapy, ursodeoxycholic-acid.

Country: Serbia

Citation: Kovacevic Z, Davidovic G, VuckovicFilipovic J, Janicijevic-Petrovic MA, JanicijevicK, Popovic A. A Toxic Hepatitis Caused theKombucha Tea - Case Report. Maced J MedSci. Mar 15; 7(1):128-131.h

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Date Updated: January 11, 2021

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