Antimicrobial Activity in Kombucha Fermentation


The aim was to study if the fermentation liquor of Kombucha had protein with antimicrobial activity. Method: The effects of different cultivation time on fermentation liquor concentration,pH,total protein concentration, and zone of inhibition were studied.The fermentation liquor of Kombucha on the 6th day was adjusted to different pH.Protease treated fermentation was put into the plates of Escherichia coli,Bacillus cereue, and Staphylococcus aureus with ampenicilin as control.The zone of broth inhibition was measured. Result:The concentration of general protein was of positive relevance to fungi.The zone of inhibition decreased with rising pH and was the lowest when pH was 7.Later,as pH increases,it enlarged.The inhibition effect of processed protease reduced remarkably. Conclusion: The fermentation liquor of Kombucha revealed antimicrobial proteins.

Date Updated: February 28, 2020

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