Biochemical Assessment of Possible Protective Role of Kombucha Tea against Stressful Effect Induced by High Sucrose Dose

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Kombucha tea is a highly fermented beverage popularly consumed in many countries. The aim was to evaluate the possible protective effects of the usage of Kombucha as a natural agent against the stressful effects resulting from the administration of a high sucrose diet to male rabbits through the determination of some biochemical parameters. The results demonstrated that pretreatment with Kombucha tea in high sucrose stressed the rabbit significantly improve lipid profile and antioxidant system meanwhile significant reduction of glucose, urea, creatinine, cupper, and non-significant change in testosterone and copper levels. In conclusion, Kombucha tea was able to ameliorate serum biochemical parameters in high sucrose stressed rabbits mediated by antioxidant and lipotropic properties.

Keywords: antioxidant, glucose, stress, sucrose

Country: Egypt

Citation: Journal of Natural Remedies Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2019

Study Mailing Address:
Department of Biochemistry, Benha University, Egypt

Date Updated: March 26, 2020

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